100gStrong flavoured cheese tartare served with toasts (1,7,10)95,-
120gMozzarella with tomatoes and basil on a skewer (7)99,-
100gMeat mixture with vegetable and cheese served with toast (1,7)120,-


0,3lBeef broth with meat and noodles (1,3,9)59,-
0,3lGarlic soup with croutons (1,3,9)65,-

Main courses

200gChicken steak with herb butter (7)177,-
250gReal beef sirlon steak (1,7)(1,7)(1) (with a choice of sauces: pepper sauce, mashroom sauce or red wine sauce with olives)480,-
170gPork tenderloin served on a bed of mushrooms (1,7)199,-
170gPork tenderloin with pepper sauce (1,7)199,-
200gTrout fillet with grilled vegetables232,-
180gChicken or pork schnitzel (1,3,7)159,-
150gA mixture of chicken pieces and gnocchi with sun dried tomatoes, cream and parmesan (1,7)175,-
150gHomemade hamburger with a savoury sauce (1,3,7,10)183,-
200gSalmon steak with creamy dill sauce (1,7)289,-
150gSteak tartare served with toasts (1,3,10)189,-

Meatless dishes

120gFried slice of cheese (1,3,7)99,-
150gGrilled cheese from Bělá with steamed vegetables on butter (7)172,-
200gGnocchi with cream and cheese souce and sauteed onions (1,3,7)183,-

Children´s menu

100gChicken schnitzel with potatoes (1,3,7)110,-
100gSlice of chicken fried in butter with potatoes (7)110,-


200gMixed salad65,-
250gBalkan salad (7)79,-
250gGreek salad (7)84,-
150gCaesar salad (1,3,7,10)175,-
200gGrilled vegetables55,-

Optional side dishes

200gBoiled potatoes40,-
200gMashed potatoes (7)45,-
200gBaked potatoes45,-
200gFrench fries45,-
50gSauce tartare (7)25,-
50gDevil´s sauce (spicy) (7)30,-

Sweet dishes and desserts

Pancakes with nutella and whipped cream sprinkled with nuts (1,3,7,8)89,-
Pancakes with whipped cottage cheese and topped with fruit (1,3,7)89,-
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream (1,3,7)75,-
100gHot raspberries and ice cream (3,7)84,-
offer of the day

Supplementary assortment

100gPotato crisps salted or with mustard35,-
60gCrunchy peanut nibbles25,-
90gHavlík sticks25,-
1ksMarinated sausage with bread40,-

Italien vines

0,7lRioja Zuri Cosecha 2019439,-
0,7lPrimitivo di Puglia IGT Monteverdi501,-
0,7lPinot Grigio IGT Gorgo501,-
0,7lLugana Torre Citari693,-